In 2013, 500 participants from 130 different organizations joined us for our first ICAN Civil Society Forum in Oslo.

This December, we’re doing it even bigger and better at our Vienna Civil Society Forum. Check back here regularly for more information about programme, registration and updates.

In Oslo, engaging speakers shared their wisdom with hundreds of campaigners

Martin Sheen

Award winning actor

Richard Moyes


Helen Durham


John Borrie


Amelia Showalter

Obama for America

Cardinal J. Onaiyekan

Archbishop of Abuja

Naima Mclean

Poet and singer

Thomas Nash

Article 36

Full list of speakers from the 2013 Oslo Civil Society Forum

Nuclear weapons remain one of the greatest threats to humankind and the world as we know it. In recent years, civil society has again turned its attention to the most destructive bomb ever created and voices demanding a prohibition on these indiscriminate weapons are growing stronger every day. Past successes in the fields of disarmament, human and civil rights demonstrate the power of an engaged public, unified behind a clear cause with and actionable agenda, in achieving changes to government policy.

On the 6-7 December 2014, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) will host a massive civil society forum in Vienna, Austria.

Campaigners, activists, experts, public figures and survivors will gather to learn and to teach, to energize and be energized, to demonstrate our unity and to demand the end of the era of nuclear weapons. Over a packed, but fun-filled two days, we will engage in discussions with the best and brightest voices in the humanitarian disarmament field, hear testimonies from from inspirational individuals who know the meaning of courage, develop our campaigning and advocacy skills and, of course, get up to speed on the ins and outs of the humanitarian imperative to ban nuclear weapons.

Vienna is our opportunity to make ourselves heard.

As governments are gathering for an international conference on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons in Vienna, they are listening to civil society and deciding on their next course of action.

The humanitarian focus on the effects of nuclear weapons has provided us with a clear opportunity. We will let governments know that we are watching and we expect them to seize the moment. It’s time to ban nuclear weapons.

"If Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr were alive today, they would be part of ICAN"


"Nuclear weapons are like zombies: useless, indiscriminate and they don't know they are dead"